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Welcome to ri 

Our approach is simple. Our mission, critical. 

We deliver 
regionalintel to enterprises, governments, and communities:
1.  Objective intelligence on global & local market trends
2.  Innovative design in strategy & outreach
3.  Informed programs & policymaking
4.  Integrity & transparency
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Value Proposition
As a next-generation industry and market research company, regionalintel has the flexibility to deliver a higher level of customized support for your development objectives. We apply our cross-industry expertise and knowledge of global markets to complex custom projects in consumer research, industry market sizing, labor pool analysis, economic trends analysis and more. We work on an exclusive contract basis with our clients, as a way for you to lock in our capabilities and access to a vast network of professionals. Likewise, our approach gives you the decision maker the flexibility and bandwidth to capitalize on opportunities
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Analytical Toolset

We take an industry-centric, bottom-up approach to supporting your economic development initiatives. All of our methodologies have been developed, tried, and tested by the world's leading authorities in the field of economic development. ri is registered with Duke University's Center on Globalization, Governance, and Competitiveness as an official Global Value Chains (GVC) researcher for our work in aerospace. We have also worked with other well-respected organizations - Learn More

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Winning the Green Jobs Marathon

The green movement is officially here to stay.  Download our concept paper for ideas on how to track and act on your local green initiatives... Learn More

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regionalintel partners with labor analytics firm

We are proud to announce that regionalintel has partnered with Guatemala based consulting firm CEDS, to strengthen our capabilities in skills-based market research.  So much of what enterprises do depends on having the right pool of talent to meet their needs.   The unique service that CEDS provides will give our partners the methodology and technology to proactively assess and track the quality of their labor force... Learn More

Partners & Collaboration

We are proud to have worked with organizations such as the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), Economic Development Specialists Inc. (EMSI), the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, with educational institutions such as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, DePaul University, Dartmouth Medical School, Duke University's Center on Governance Globalization & Competitiveness, various standards bodies including the U.S Green Building Council, advocacy groups such as the National Council of La Raza, community based organizations including the Institute for Latino Progress, industry associations such as the Metropolitan Chicago Health Care Council, the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, the Indiana Health Industry Forum, and Nearshore Americas.

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ri Special Topics Review
Regionalintel is now collecting topic suggestions for our Spring edition of the ri Special Topics Review. If you have a pressing issue you would like us to research, or you would like to work with us to address a specific challenge affecting your community or region, let us know and we will consider it for our next publication.

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ri officially moves headquarters to New York

regionalintel takes a big step forward by relocating its headquarters from Chicago to New York City.  While we maintain our offices in the West Loop in Chicago, New York City has proved to be a critical market place for innovative custom research.  Looking over the New York Stock Exchange, the new location gives us access to the world both in terms of enterprise as well as media and international development... Click Here

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Our Green Building Skills Training Curriculum is now available on the CLOUD
Our complete green skills training curriculum is now free and only a click away.  As communities look to government and the private sector to take bold actions toward green job creation, the development community must work together to ensure best practices in education and training program delivery.  In the spirit of collaboration, regionalintel has decided to make our 16-week green skills training curriculum open to the public... Click Here